Annie’s Story

Annie is a foster dog who had a very sad start in life as a puppy mill breeding dog. When she first came into foster care she was terrified of everyone and everything.  It was hard for her to be out of her crate at all, and she would shrink from contact if a hand reached in.  Annie was terrified in the outdoors; she would run in circles and cower by the door to go in .Thanks to Jill she has come a very long way. With the help of the Reiki sessions that Jilloffered to her and the play sessions with her balanced dogs Shiloh and Sadie, she is now comfortable walking outside in the yard, on a leash, and around the home.  She will eat treats from our hands now and accepts petting without trembling.  She even looks for us when we go to other rooms in the house.Thank you Jill!

– Alice Abrams

My dog Dan was in a dog fight that left him with serious injuries. One of those injuries was to one of his rear legs. While it wasn’t broken, it had to be wrapped. He also had to remain immobile for 4-6 weeks. After that time frame the bandages came off, but he still couldn’t put any pressure on it. There was visible atrophy to his muscle. Follow up visits to the vet resulted in a lot of head scratching. They said there was no reason for him not to walk on it and there was nothing else they could do. Then I met Jill. She told me the reason he wasn’t walking on it was because of the emotional trauma of the dog fight. The pain of that memory was rooted in his rear leg. Jill took Dan into her home for three days and nights. Using Reiki energy she completely healed him. When Dan came home to me he had full use of that leg. Thank you so very much Jill. Dan is now thriving, happy and healthy.

– Dianne Iannello

Dear Jill, Here is a picture of the boys together on the couch. After all their fighting, you told me to envision this and I did. And here they are! A little later they were a little further apart, but they had their paws outstretched to each other. They play together now and even eat out of the same bowl. Thank you Jill. Your Reiki sessions were successful for both Leo and Sir Thomas. This never would have happened if it wasn’t for you! Namaste.

– Pamela Kramer

Tomorrow I’m going to see Jill Buckman, the Reiki Master I’ve seen in the past. She is like a spiritual tonic and touchstone of support. In previous sessions, she has always been able to not only calm me, but guide me to where I can channel my energy. I leave her sessions smiling inside out and very content to move forward in what I believe. Plus she has her amazing partner, Shiloh, a three year old Golden Retriever. I swear I can feel her communicate to me. At random times during the session she will stay right next to me, resting her head on my arm. I feel truly blessed to having Jill help me find the paths of truths I seek. She is a magical healer, a wonderful guide and gifted teacher. It’s an honor to have her in my life. Thank you so very much

– Mary Vaughn

Mr. Boo, Mr. Peek and Ms. Ruby

I met Jill over a year ago, through a recommendation from my veterinarian.  I am still thankful for having made that call.  My cat Mr. Boo (10 years old) had low self-esteem. After the second visit, my other cat Mr. Peek, (10 years old) wanted a session of his own. After just a few sessions, Mr. Boo was noticeably more confidant and Mr. Peek was very relaxed.

In May of this year, we took in our former neighbor’s cat, Ruby, an 11 year old girl, because her mom needed extended hospitalization.  Ruby always ran away and hid in her own home when anyone came by.  She is now a purring pile of fur that owns her space and is readily accepting of affection. WithJill’s guidance and gifts, all the kitties are happy, content and cohesive.  I am certain this would not have been accomplished without Jill’s gifts.  We all look forward to our monthly visits with Miss Jill.

-Betty Klein

Murphy the Bull Dog and his Human Parent’s Story

It was winter and Murphy had slipped on the stairs and did something to himself. We were worried because there was huge bulge in his belly area. And I knew he would need surgery and not a cheap one. So, before we had a surgery, we decided to see if there was a Reiki healer for dogs. We have had reiki done on ourselves for years and love the results. So we thought ok let’s see. We looked on line and found one in our area. However, she sent us to Jill. Our experience with Jill has been a life changing wonderful experience for us.

Murphy’s treatment began when we got a hold of Jill. She came right over to our house. And by the second visit the bulge in Murphy’s belly was gone. However, it had some healing to do on the inside. Jill told us that Murphy should not go up or down our stairs for 6-8 weeks. So, because Murphy sleeps with us and he could not do stairs, we pulled the mattress off the guest room bed and put it in the living room for the entire time. Murphy healed without having surgery. I have also gone to see Jill a few times as well. And I love what she tells me. She said that often when a pet is healed, the human needs to be healed as well. And I can tell you that is a true statement

Murphy wants to get Jill’s attention every chance he can. We asked her to come to work with him when he injures his hips. He would jump or slip and put his hips out. She would come and he would be healed after one or just a few visits. Jill always heals him and he just loves to see her. He has claimed her as his own just as he has claimed me. We cannot say enough for all of things she has done for our bull dog, Mr. Murphy, or for us. She has been a god send and we are so blessed she is in our lives. We would recommend Jill for any pet or human who wants a holistic way to heal. And Reiki really works

– Karen, Phillip and Murphy

My Journey With Jill

Nothing happens by coincidence – ever.

The loss of a beloved horse and my struggle to bond with a new black and white Paint horse named Toby haunted me every day. I was stuck in my grief and a frustration that didn’t seem to end. It wasn’t by chance that I was in the right place at the right time lamenting my sadness to someone I didn’t know that well, but he knew Jill and gave me her business card. I was intrigued; but engaged in contacting her quietly. Why? Because I was an old school cowgirl. My pride insisted that I should be able to make Toby cooperate – but that was our battle; the more I pushed, the more Toby resisted.

I needed help and refused the advice of other cowgirls like get bigger spurs, buy a meaner whip, be his boss – and just make him! Because I wanted more than just mastering Toby – I wanted him to want to be with me, I wanted a deeper relationship then all that.

So, Jill and I spoke, and then she came to my place to meet Toby.
She explained Toby to me in a way I’d never considered and opened my eyes to what he was thinking and feeling; I had no idea he understood so much! There were things that he needed too, and with Jill’s help, I’ve been able to change my approach so that Toby can begin to fully trust me. But I still needed tending to, I was still mourning my other horse, and come to find out, a great many other things that were holding me back, and so I went to meet Jill at her studio for a Reiki session focused just on me.
My first visit was eye opening. My second visit was life changing. To find relief from anxiety, fear, and dread that I had been toting around for years that was so instilled it just seemed normal, but it wasn’t!
The size of which, when Jill helped free me of it, brought Shiloh (her beautiful dog) into the room barking fiercely! Ordering the negativity out and the weight with it! This amazing dog was aware on a whole other level about what Jill and I were trying to accomplish, and with Shiloh’s insistence, I was set free. Free to go forward on this new journey with confidence and wonder at what I discover every day.

Jill is a gifted soul, where her presence and words affect the very air around her. I will be forever grateful for the upheaval in my life that led me to her; because it wasn’t a coincidence that I met her and now I will go forward to touch the lives around me, and the lives I haven’t even met yet, and I know that it was all meant to be.

~Pamela Richardson

I have known Jill for approximately 26 years. She has always loved helping people and pets — now her love of healing and making people and pets feel special is evident in her practice. It is just her nature to want to share her enthusiasm and incredible dedication to Reiki. Treating oneself to a Reiki appointment is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself. From the moment you walk into an appointment, the energy is centered on you; from the crystals Jill picks out just for you, to the aroma she uses in the room. The feelings of peace and tranquility are truly amazing. From the two appointments I have had, I have to say both were wonderful. Each time I leave an appointment I feel so totally relaxed and at peace that I feel I can tackle anything. I highly recommend Jill for all the services she offers.

– Charlene Reagan


I have known Jill Buckman for many years.  She has always impressed me as a very spiritual person who loved to explore alternative approaches to life, so it did not surprise me that she would share with me a while ago, that she had taken up Reiki.  She shared with me the details and I was very interested.  We talked quite a bit about what she had learned and what she could share through Reiki.

Time passed and Jill asked if she could help me with a problem I was having with muscle fatigue from over training.  I was curious and open to the approach and took her up on it. For an hour, Jill worked her “magic” on me.  It was a totally relaxing and healing experience.  When Jill was done, she said very softly to me, “you’re done” and I think I was so relaxed that I was just about asleep!  A day later, my muscle fatigue was actually much improved.

I know Jill’s work with animals will be a wonderful success.  She has a manner that is so trusting and comforting, I am sure it will resonate with any animal.  She has shared with me some of her success at Lollypop Farm, and I am not surprised.

I highly recommend someone use her wonderful gifts either for themselves or their animal or both.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

– Irene Melfi

I have had the good fortune to have worked with Jill on many occasions. I find her intuitive “connection” and insight above and beyond what many other people can do. Although I don’t live in proximity to her, Jill did do a “distance healing” for me and it was amazing. I don’t think it could have been any better if I were there in person! Jill’s energy is all about Love and she gives whoever she is with her attention and compassion and her innate quality to listen and get truly to the core of what the other person needs to address, or hear or be made aware of to help them, as she has done so many times for me. I highly recommend her as a healer for humans, animals or whatever living thing may need it. Jill is a true blessing.

– Jan Shulman


So, who is this Jill?

She’s a woman with whom I’ve worked and a cherished friend.


When her beloved dog was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, she discovered her natural gift for healing.  She has enhanced this gift with multiple courses in Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master.  With her pets back on their four feet, for she uses her gift and training with all her pets, she has chosen to volunteer with the local humane society.  Here she works with animals who are ill, have had surgery or are depressed from having been separated from their families and are awaiting their new families.  While she works in this setting primarily with dogs, other animals at the shelter, pastured nearby, are drawn to the healing energy which emanates from her.  She knows that the energy flows through her due to her willingness to share with animals in need.

When she visits my home, my easily threatened, rescued dog accepts her presence and happily sits beside her while we eat lunch and discuss issues of importance.  He is an extremely discriminating little guy, so his welcoming attitude toward Jill is its own compliment and tribute to her very real gift as an animal healer.

– Judith Knight


I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jill’s reiki sessions. The result of her sessions creates such tranquility within oneself that it is almost unexplainable. It changes your whole state of being in a most positive way. It is as if your body has gone through a complete overhaul-a rejuvination.

Even her pets, whom she has given reiki to, exhibit such calmness and peacefulness which I have witnessed and are loving and well behaved. They too are a pleasure to be around.

Getting a session from Jill is the best gift you can give yourself or a friend-give her a try and you’ll be glad you did. It’s the purest and best medicine you can give yourself.

– Ruth Mazur


I don’t know how to say thank you enough for the Reiki sessions and wonderful care you gave to my dog Ashley during our three week family vacation in Europe. We were so worried about where to place her. She would have been very unhappy in a kennel or in a doggie camp where she would have been required to sleep in a windowless room or kennel at night. Then I met you and immediately became aware of your incredible calm presence. After talking with you for a while I also became aware of how very in tune you were to animals. I’m so thankful that a friend recommended you to take care of her! It was obvious not only that you treated her as one of your own pets, but also offered Reiki to her. I didn’t worry about her at all knowing you were the one taking care of her. When we returned she was happy and relaxed. We were truly fortunate to have such a compassionate, nurturing person to take care of the dog we love so much.

– Nanni Hajdarhodzic


Having Reiki treatments with Jill has enabled tremendous healing. I have been fighting cancer. My cell counts are now normal, amazing my doctors, as the cell counts returned to normal much earlier than expected. I don’t even need spinal cord surgery now either!! WOW. Jill has also given Reiki treatments to my dogs, particularly Max. Max also has cancer. I call him a Reiki hog because he loves the energy so much. Max is doing better now, responding immensely to the treatments very quickly.
I breed standard poodles. For the first time, because of Reiki sessions, my two males no longer fight if one of my girls is in heat. They can spend the day together instead of my having to keep them separated. Other breeders are surprised as much as I am. My home and life are in harmony now, within myself and with my dogs.
Jill has given me Reiki treatments for 1.5 years. I finally can do things I couldn’t do before due to high pain that is now 90% gone. After waiting 14 years, I was finally able to learn Reiki myself. I studied with Jill and I now am a Reiki Level 11 practitioner. Thank you so much Jill. It has been a passion in my heart to help animals and people as you do. Words alone can’t express my gratitude.

– Annmarie Sparks-Dunn


TestimonialBarbaraHughson.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DCJill – your voice warms my soul when I hear your words. Aspen is my first dog and I have just adored him. He has challenged me with his free spirit but through thick and thin I never stopped loving him and trying to give him the best life ever. I attached a photo of me with Susan, the amazing volunteer at the animal shelter in SW Colorado. She is the dear woman who helped me adopt Aspen that September day in 2001 and we have kept touch all through the years. Every time I go down there to visit I am sure to see Susan at the shelter and she just beams when she sees Aspen. All animals are special and we find places in our hearts sometimes that seem to run so deep for our dear ones.

I will continue to love and adore him on this journey. He has been more happy (it seems) and active the past few days since we spoke. Because of your wise and soothing guidance, I have changed my way of thinking to being more positive and even though the grief is there and will surface again, I will do my best to continue telling him how much he is loved and I will always take care of him. I think he knows…

– Barb Hughson



As a first time reiki client, I had an amazing experience with Jill! She maintains a space that is peaceful and promotes a sense of calm when you enter it. When I came in for my first session, I felt that I could trust her and open up so that she could carry out the work that was needed for me. Jill took the time to explain every part of the reiki process to me and made sure that I understood what would happen. Her pets were also the quietest calm pets that I have ever met. I would definitely recommend Jill for reiki for yourself or a loved one. Thank you again for everything!

– Lauren A. Jimerson, MS


I have experienced Reiki sessions and Reiki training with Jill. I am now able to understand and know how to balance and ground myself. I know I can achieve pure peace and harmony and transmit that energy to others. Reiki training was the most positive, unique experience I have ever had. I am more confident now and feel better, much better about the choices I will have to face in my coming years. Jill – you’re great and can only get better. Thank you!

– Casey L. Learch


I have only known her for a few short years, but in the developing relationship I have found her to be kind, caring, loving, and considerate. She approaches life in a compassionate fashion, helping and supporting both the people and pets she interacts with. I believe that the energy she puts out in the Reiki sessions provides emotional stability and tranquility to the recipients, thus helping them to achieve better health. Energy work can be helpful on multiple levels of a patient’s health and I would encourage anyone who is interested in energetic healing to contact Jill first.

– Monica N. Bunkenburg
Your website is beautiful!


Jill Buckman is a gifted healer who brings great love to the animals that are fortunate enough to have her work with them. My two felines are relaxed and peaceful in her presence. What has taken place during a Reiki session becomes clear to me in the hours, days, and weeks following. This is especially evident with my senior cat that was diagnosed with kidney disease. He is now happy, healthy and strong. I couldn’t be more pleased and am forever grateful to Jill for her role in restoring him to good health.

– Love & hugs!
Jean Ticen and Smokey


In May of 2012 my Toy Fox Terrier became violently ill. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and spent two days on IVs at the vet clinic. I was told that this condition would probably return if he survived. I was also told that many animals do not survive this condition. He had four more attacks by the summer of 2014. The last time the pain was the worst he had ever endured. A consultation was being scheduled to decide if I should allow this suffering to continue. My best friend told me not to make any decision until I heard back from her. She knew Jill, called her, and asked her if she would see my dog. Jill was more than glad to help, came to my home the next day and gave Reiki to Trevor. The improvement was immediate. He had a second treatment two days later and his health returned to normal. I have had Jill come once a month for maintenance treatments ever since and he has had no more episodes. At his recent physical his vet said he is in great shape and seems younger than his age of 10! He meets Jill at the door with great excitement every time she comes; he is always eager for his Reiki! I believe his good health is all because of Jill’s treatments as nothing else in his life has changed and he acts like he did when he was two years old. Thank you Jill!

– Joy Schlicht & Trevor


I have two wonderful, calm, submissive and fun loving dogs, Bella & Buddy. Over the 8 years there had been many changes in our lives as a pack: moving from the West to the East coast, adding other dogs to the pack and not having my pack for a certain amount of time. Through all the changes, I had always struggled to keep them calm, happy and balanced. Over time it would happen, but the struggles were difficult. When my husband and I decided to adopt a new pack member, a 50lb French/ Pitbull mix named Bobo, we were elated to include him in our pack. We knew there would be an adjustment period for all the dogs. During this time, we were trying to be available for all 3 dogs, but of course we focused solely on Bobo. We wanted to make sure he was loved and that we were his forever NEW family. Along the way Bella felt left out. Buddy and Bobo had bonded. They would play and sleep together, but Bella felt like the third wheel. She made it very clear she was worried about her place in the pack. I asked Jill come over to the house to mainly work on Bella. Bella had a lot to say as to her feelings about the new member of her pack. Then Jill came again for Bobo then once more for Buddy. Then a few times for the whole pack. We have been able to get back to harmony with Jill’s guidance. She has given us the tools to help each and every dog as they are each their own unique individual. Our pack is now harmonized and a more close knit family. Jill is more than amazing, she is a life saver.

– Nichole Latham
Professional Dog Trainer
Bella’s K9 Training


Hey Jill! I wanted to give you some feedback on my 1st Reiki session last night.
That was an amazing experience. I have never felt so relaxed in my entire life. I could feel the energy flowing through my entire body. First I felt rocking sensations, then I felt vibrations. The coolest part was it felt like the entire room was hugging me in a warm, welcoming embrace. I would like to add that I am not a religious person. However, I do feel there are forces out there (nature in my opinion) which are stronger than humans. I felt very connected to this force. After I left I felt different, I felt relaxed, I felt introspective, and more aware.
Thank you for that experience. I will not hesitate to have another session again.

– Leslie Messerino


Jill has a thorough knowledge of Reiki and an earnest desire to help each person and pet. She is a truly sincere practitioner, genuinely caring about my dog, Belle, and me. Besides offering the ultimate in customer service, the results of her Reiki sessions are amazing. My dog and I have benefited greatly from Jill’s nature and skills.

– Mark D. Glover


I wanted to thank you for the great Reiki sessions for me and for Twinkie. You are so calm. It feels so good just to be around you. Twink and I are both working hard to get her where she needs to be. Pretty amazing as we are BOTH growing in the process. Yesterday was a big day for Twink and me. We went for a drive along Lakeshore and stopped in the parking lot alongside the lake-not too wet and sunny finally. A very big lab walking unleashed with his Dad was there. Twink sniffed him and let herself get sniffed. I did NOT need to pull her leash. She didn’t bark like she always used to. She was great! I practiced the breathing you taught me. Thank you for your help. Now I can’t wait to practice my custom-made affirmations!

– Maureen Vorndran