Spiritually Guided Energy Healing for Pets and People.



“It is my belief that there can be no greater healing than that which is guided by a higher power and offered with a open heart.”

– Jill Buckman


Animals are naturally in tune with the world around them.  They feel a level of empathy and connection with their owners and the people in their lives that most of us can only imagine.  Understanding and accepting that connection is the first step toward building a better relationship with our pets and the world around us.


People have a profound effect on the world around them.  They can cause a significant turbulence in the energy flow of their surrounding.  The emotional impact on their pets can be magnified due to the fact that animals tend to be more directly and naturally empathetic.  Understanding is the key to building better relationships.


“The loss of a beloved horse and my struggle to bond with a new black and white Paint horse named Toby haunted me every day. I was stuck in my grief and a frustration that didn’t seem to end…”

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Pamela Richardson

“Using Reiki energy she completely healed him. When Dan came home to me he had full use of that leg. Thank you so very much Jill. Dan is now thriving, happy and healthy…”

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Dianne Iannello

“Annie is a foster dog who had a very sad start in life as a puppy mill breeding dog. When she first came into foster care she was terrified of everyone and everything…”

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Dianne Iannello

“I feel truly blessed to having Jill help me find the paths of truths I seek. She is a magical healer, a wonderful guide and gifted teacher. It’s an honor to have her in my life. Thank you so very much…”

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Mary Vaughn

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